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Multi-Part Video Series

In many parts of the world, Christians face persecution on a regular basis for exercising their faith, while in Western societies have been protected from this hard reality. That seems to be changing. The goal of the Underground series is to better prepare you to live out your faith no matter what adversity you face.

‘Preppers’ is the first video in this series and is available now to watch.

*Additional topics will be added as we complete them.

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Dr. Bobby Brewer [1964-2024] | Author & Pastor. Doctorate – Phoenix Seminary

Are you prepared to face physical persecution for practicing your faith in Jesus? In ‘Preppers’, Dr. Bobby Brewer explores what we can expect and how we can start preparing now for persecution before it arrives.

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False vs Bad Prophets | Part 2

Dr. Bobby Brewer | Senior Pastor of The Chapel at Reigning Grace Ranch

2020 was a year that saw one false prophecy after another. In part 1 of “False vs Bad Prophets”, Dr. Bobby Brewer helped us recognize false prophets and revealed what bad prophets consist of. In part 2, he reveals what we should do when we encounter bad prophets.

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