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Overcome Discouragement

The most famous of Bible personalities had to deal with discouragement, and we are no exception. The question is how to deal with it? The question is how to deal with it? Learn how to lean into God, and start fortifying your faith today.

BIO: Dr. Bobby Brewer (1964~2024) helped plant & served as Senior Pastor of The Chapel at Reigning Grace Ranch in Rio Verde, Arizona. Before that, he served as Senior Pastor of North Chapel Bible Church in Fountain Hills, Arizona. In the mid-1990s, Bobby got his start in ministry as a youth group pastor at Scottsdale Bible Church where he also taught a variety of discipleship classes. He taught seminary classes, and he was instrumental in helping many missionaries get their start in serving overseas and in local missions. He, also, authored a variety of books (including UFOs: 12 Things Everyone Should Know — A Christian Perspective and Help! I’m Really Single: A Survival Guide for Today’s Christian Single). Bobby was greatly loved for his incredible kindness, sense of humor, and his true desire for all to know the love of Jesus.

Length of Video | 06:57
Series: Overcome
Overcome Discouragement by Dr. Bobby Brewer
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