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God is bringing hope to the hopeless and new life through the Good News of Jesus Christ. Each of the biblically-sound teachings you find on this website strive to revitalize the spiritually-stuck to live the life God wants us all to live and to help the lost find the Truth that is so eagerly sought after.

*These short, yet powerful messages, are completely free to watch and to share.



Multi-Part Video Series

This fallen world comes with so many internal challenges that have the potential to derail our faith and send us hurtling down a path Jesus never intended us to follow.

In this ongoing series, pastors and leaders provide biblically-sound teachings that address these crippling struggles in order to get you back to living the life Jesus desires you to live.

Each video is under 10 minutes in length, but is loaded with wisdom and helpful advice!

Is the Bible Legit?

Have you ever wondered what makes the Bible the Bible? In this short video, author and pastor, Dr. Bobby Brewer shares 5 ways that we can be absolutely certain that the Bible is true and accurate.

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Are You a Disciple of Jesus?

3-Part Video Series

All Christians—at one time or another—will question their salvation in Christ Jesus. This 3 part series will not only answer the most basic questions about your salvation, but will also give you insight regarding how to live out your faith in Jesus.

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In Memory

of Dr. Bobby Brewer

We are deeply grieved at the passing of Dr. Bobby Brewer, who had an unwavering faith, a gift for sharing the Gospel, a humorous wit, and a love for pouring into people.

Bobby partnered with Anchor Point Media to produce videos for the following series: False vs Bad Prophets, MAARP, Overcome, and Underground.

Our Ministry

We’re a small ministry with Big aspirations to serve Jesus well with our creative talents.

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You will still notice our old J832 logo at the conclusion of all our current videos. We are in the process of changing out the logo to the new Anchor Point Media logo.